JCT as a corporate citizen has always given first priority to the Environment and society. Our core focus, be it our products or our processes, is SUSTAINABILITY
Rain Water Harvesting
For past many years we have been doing Rain Water Harvesting. The rain water collected is filtered and purified, which percolates down to the earth, to be re used as a natural resource..
Effluent Water Treatment Plant
We have our own Biological Effluent water treatment plant, wherein we are able to treat the effluent/discharge water with bacteria
JCT was a pioneer to introduce the Organic Cotton products in India. Since then we have been able to create awareness for the use of Organic Cotton fabrics. Organic Cotton is grown organically without the use of insecticides and pesticides…

We have been able to introduce this product to many of our customers and still growing..
BAMBOO and Cotton Bamboo Blends
JCT is also manufacturing Cotton Bamboo, Organic Cotton Bamboo and 100% Bamboo fabrics.. Another step towards sustainable textiles.
Recycle Polyester fabrics
JCT is manufacturing recycled polyester fabrics, both in 100% polyester and in cotton poly blends.  Both filament and fiber yarn is being used to make these fabrics. These fabrics are being made in 100% polyester recycle and blends with conventional cotton, Organic Cotton and Bamboo.