HR Mission
Role and Scope at JCT
We believe ‘Happy employees make good companies greater’.

Having professionals with an optimum blend of experience and knowledge has always helped JCT Limited have an edge in the industry. The JCT management team includes high quality professionals mainly with top management backgrounds. JCT Limited strives to provide an environment that is stimulating with towering levels of motivation, empowerment and recognition. It also aims at removing obstacles that hinder creativity. In this energized atmosphere JCT Limited shares successes while setting new standards of excellence.
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Life at JCT
  At JCT Limited, passion, creativity and innovation combine to create a unique culture. Fresh ideas are encouraged and team and personal goals are achieved every day. Dedicated to change and continuous improvement, JCT is continually moving forward and introducing the latest working practices.

The company believes a good balance between work and personal time is healthy. The quality of life, personal fitness, and health of employees are important for JCT. To support overall goals, JCT provide many resources such as: townships housing the staff, health clubs, social clubs, wives welfare groups etc.

Library with a reading room
At least one dispensary with a qualified doctor and paramedical staff, open round-the-clock in the mills
An ambulance, for taking the patients to ESI Hospital, other local hospitals, PGI, DMC, etc.
One clinical laboratory and Ayurvedic dispensary in the colony
Free medical Check-up Camps are organized where medicines are also provided free of cost
Chloroquine Tablets are distributed amongst the workmen
Monetary help is provided in case of specialized medical treatment of workers and their family members
Employee Awards & Recognition
Annual activities to felicitate winners of summer sports events
5S, Kaizen and Quality Circle are also in practiced amongst different groups. The employees are rewarded and recognized for their suggestions to increase productivity, team sprits and improvements
The best performing department is awarded with a trophy
The best project teams are recognized and rewarded periodically
Annual cultural activities are organized to recreate the employees
Trainees Section
  Structured training programs are organised to enhance an individual’s skills. These programmes improve the knowledge of the participants about the company’s techniques, methodologies and expertise. The training programmes are carefully chosen to assist the employee in terms of early settling in the company and also to provide one with value based learning to help him grow both professionally and personally. The performance appraisal and promotion aspects for such trainees are planned and executed depending upon the fixed period as per the scheme and performance of the individual trainee.

In JCT, separate career paths and job structures are defined for employees with different qualifications like Diploma, Degree, M.Tech/IT/MBA/MCA/CA etc
For the above said purpose different institutes as per their ranking are graded and trainees those who join the organization are offered salary / perks as per the institute ranking as well as individual potential.
Separate career development paths have been laid down for different qualifications in order to meet the aspirations and expectations of deserving employees of the organization.
The trainees with different qualifications execute activities in their respective departments for a fixed period. This is done in order to use their acquired skills for improvement of projects after the learning period.