Structured training programs are organised to enhance an individual’s skills. These programmes improve the knowledge of the participants about the company’s techniques, methodologies and expertise. The training programmes are carefully chosen to assist the employee in terms of early settling in the company and also to provide one with value based learning to help him grow both professionally and personally. The performance appraisal and promotion aspects for such trainees are planned and executed depending upon the fixed period as per the scheme and performance of the individual trainee.

In JCT, separate career paths and job structures are defined for employees with different qualifications like Diploma, Degree, M.Tech/IT/MBA/MCA/CA etc
For the above said purpose different institutes as per their ranking are graded and trainees those who join the organization are offered salary / perks as per the institute ranking as well as individual potential.
Separate career development paths have been laid down for different qualifications in order to meet the aspirations and expectations of deserving employees of the organization.
The trainees with different qualifications execute activities in their respective departments for a fixed period. This is done in order to use their acquired skills for improvement of projects after the learning period.