Board Meeting Notice_14.11.2018
Corrigendum to 69th AGM Notice
Board Meeting Notice_14.08.2018
Circular for Compulsory De materialization of shares
Board Meeting Notice_30.05.2018
Board Meeting Notice_14.02.2018
Board Meeting Notice_13.11.2017
Board Meeting Notice_14.08.2017
68th AGM Notice – AD Copy
Outcome of Board Meeting – 30.5.2017
Board Meeting Notice : 30.05.2017
67th AGM Notice – AD Copy
Postal Ballot Notice and Form – 13.02.2016
Board Meeting Notice – 13.02.2016
Public Notice - EGM-07.11.2015
Notice of Extra Ordinary General Meeting - 07.11.2015
66th AGM Notice- AD copy
Postal Ballot Notice and Form-22/06/2015
Postal Ballot Notice and Form-14/11/2014
65TH AGM Notice 25/09/2014
Scrutinizers Reports
Scrutinizer Report on 68th AGM
Scrutinizers Report on 65th AGM- E voting
Scrutinizers Report on 65th AGM- Poll
Scrutinizer Report on Postal Ballot-12.02.2015
Scrutinizer Report on Postal Ballot-31.07.2015
Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report on 66th AGM
Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report on EGM -07.11.2015
Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report on Postal Ballot -25.03.2016
Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report on AGM -12.08.2016